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Summer 2020 Nail trends:50 Beautiful Summer Nail Arts That You Should Copy

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With purple, yellow, green, orange, blue and other bright colors, mixed with each other in different finger tips to create a sense of fun color jump , bright eye and show white, let the fingertips full of colorful lively atmosphere, the most suitable for !


Through can shine like the aurora dreamlike luster of the mirror point color powder, makeup point in the gel surface modeling changes from aurora manicure. In addition to the basic monochromatic modeling, it is also very suitable for nude, pink, white and other gentle colors as the background color, dotted on the front of the fingertip to create a slight layer sense, creating a fresh and full score fingertip appearance. Still can make jump color collocation with geometrical line, create the manicure modelling with dye-rich individual character.


The most classic “French ” is a transparent or nude base color, with pure white lines at the front of the fingertips. But different from the simple and fresh style in the past, the French manicure that returns again this , although retain the base of light nude color, jump the frame before on pattern, the minimalist French that gives change with very thin arc, irregular line, look a bit more lively, it is the style that everybody can pull off.

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