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80+ Pictures Beautiful Small Kitchen Ideas

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For a farmhouse , having a warm atmosphere is its soul. The equipment sort of wooden bed is hung the wrong way up within the middle of the roof, which not only increases the sweetness of the , but also brings huge space for storing for the . Hanging two wooden buckets on each side of this device is how grounded the planning is.

The top of the is meant with an extended and thick wooden board, and lamps of various lengths hang on the wooden board. Bring beauty and texture to the present farmhouse .

A cabinet made from wooden boards inlaid on the wall are often used for tableware. Both and atmospheric, it’s the effect that a lot of people pursue. Moving your eyes upwards, you’ll find the white and gray long wooden strips on the highest of the , and therefore, the design of the words on the wooden strips, which is my favorite.

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Photo By https://www.instagram.com/kitchens_of_insta/

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