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30 Elegant Fall Nail Art Designs that Will Beautify 2020

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30 that 2020

Autumn is the harvest season. Many plants ripen in autumn. Compared with summer, the temperature in autumn drops obviously. As the temperature drops, the leaves of many deciduous perennials gradually change color, grow and decline, leaving only branches for the winter. The annual herb end their lives, wither and die.

Autumn is coming. It’s time to design your own for . Today, we’ve collected 30 .

Sweet red, very durable, the most important is that it super versatile, also very white fingers, small black hands also become Snow White, this is also why?

Seemingly simple but full of details, the overall design color uniformity, and in the level of saturation finger color, finger skipping painting random strokes, minimalism and advanced.

Different background color can have a completely different feeling, rose tawny has a little childish, is cute and lively moving girl; Naked milk tea is very gentle, like a lover who has been in deep love for many years. It always gives out full of positive energy and is the warmth of the he.

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